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Fran Burgoyne

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I'm Fran

I'm an actor and voice artist.

I'm an energetic performer with a flair for comedy and character work.

I trained at East 15 Acting School, learning traditional techniques alongside physical theatre, devising, improvising and clowning. My work ranges from the classics to children's theatre to panto and R&D on new writing projects. Check out my Spotlight CV for a full list of credits.

There are some pictures of me doing my thing (i.e. pulling faces and strange shapes) below, or if you came here for voice work check out my voice reels on the next page. I'm also great at teaching little ones, and have been known to do the odd birthday party, so if you have small people who need entertaining do get in touch!

Enjoy having a look around.

Past Performances

A few lovely things I've been part of


Hip. Hip. Hippo

A Drunk Play

Lockdown wouldn't have been complete without some kind of video tomfoolery. 

My brilliant writer friend Tilly Lunken asked if I would join her in a drunken play endeavour from @drunk_plays. The premise was simple: isolated playwrights write a monologue while drunk, drunk actors perform them.



Some nice things people have said

"There’s also nicely pitched work from Burgoyne as their sister-in-law Natasha, who transforms from awkward outsider into monstrous despot — and seems a chilling embodiment of the banality of evil."

“As Ariadne, Burgoyne sails into the comedy, exuding Edwardian vanity, and yet the ruthlessness with which she destroys her ineffectual husband is brutal.”

The Evening Standard

for Three Sisters

The Stage

for Heartbreak House

“Jessica, perhaps unfairly dubbed the stupid one, delights as the spoilt heiress who can’t quite take the escapade seriously. Burgoyne nails it, winning both frustration and warmth from the audience.”

“We are met by Sandra, a character who sets your teeth on edge like too much candyfloss or freezing-cold Neapolitan ice-cream, played by Burgoyne, whose performance immerses us from the get-go”

Epsom Guardian

for Communicating Doors

Entertainment Focus

for Madhouse Re:Exit

"Some finely nuanced performances, particularly from... Burgoyne, whose climb from nervous spinster to vicious matriarch is a guilty pleasure amidst the general despair."

"..outwitted by Burgoyne’s charmingly sardonic Countess Orsina…in an engrossingly sharp back-and-forth"

The Stage

for Three Sisters

A Younger Theatre

for Emilia Galotti

“Burgoyne excels as the acid-tongued Ariadne, her eyes always lit up with malice”

"Burgoyne gives a remarkable impersonation of a young girl, finding a combination of gaucheness and innocent energetic enthusiasm ...
that is very endearing"

Reviews Hub

for Heartbreak House

OffWestEnd Reviews

for Day of the Dog

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